Kindred Spirit Ministries (KSM) exists to minister to hurting individuals by providing counseling to individuals, couples, and families; more specifically to our military and law enforcement personnel. Our staff comes from first responder professions. We recognize the important role that the spiritual dimension has in personality. We are committed to providing counsel consistent with Biblically based values and moral principles.

Value Statement

KSM recognizes the importance of addressing the critical incident stressors that exist among our modern day guardians of freedom. The demands on these committed individuals, which includes extended tours of duty for our military, have resulted in higher stress levels, which in turn, have in some cases, led to suicide. With available statistics regarding law enforcement and military suicides, the number of reviews on this subject matter reflects the urgent need to address the root cause(s) of suicide and take advanced steps to address those who want assistance as well as prevent these deaths from occurring.


  • Clinical & Biblical Counseling
  • Teaching – Preaching
  • Crisis & Trauma Counseling
  • Critical Incident Stress Management (CISM)
  • CISM for Veterans & Military Personnel
  • CISM for Law Enforcement: (Military Law Enforcement Trauma Response National Team)
  • Training of Others: Classes & Seminars
  • Written Articles – Books
  • Assisting Other Nonprofits

Chaplaincy USV-A

  • Veterans & Active Military
  • Stand-Downs
  • Visitations
  • Training