How Can I Help?

Like you, I stand in awe of the sacrifices our veterans and their loved ones made on our behalf. Where would we be without them and our first responders here at home. Hence, it is fitting, proper, and noble to ask the question – What can I do for them?

Kindred Spirit Ministries (KSM) is a recognized 501(c)(3) and operates on your love donations. As you ponder the magnitude that these individuals have given towards your rights, freedoms and liberties – acknowledge the ultimate cost they have paid and continue to pay. Our freedoms are anything but free – yet there is a way that you can give to them. Consider being a supporter of this fine organization. You may choose your area of donations as follows:

Designation #

  1. Administrative Cost
  2. General Fund
  3. Warrior Refuge Project, “maintenance, upkeep” or building projects
  4. I wish to receive quarterly updates of Kindred Spirit Ministries activities
  5. Volunteer your time, skills or specialty. (Contact us through the website)

* Please indicate your desired purpose for your Donation.

Please send Donations to:
Kindred Spirit Ministries
13360 West Saddlebow Drive
Reno, Nevada 89511
For further information contact:
Raymond Kahle
775 853-4545
775 830-4545 cell
[email protected]