POST Certified Courses

P0010104: Instruction to Critical Incident Stress Management 2hrs

P0010107: Group Crisis Intervention( Basic CISM) 14hrs

P0010105: Advanced Group Crisis Intervention( Basic CISM) 14hrs

P0010106: Individual Crisis Intervention and PEER Support 13hrs

P0010108: Suicide Prevention, Intervention & Post Intervention 14hrs

P0010115: Introduction to Law Enforcement Perspectives 2hrs

P0010109: Law Enforcement Perspective 14hrs

P0010114: Instruction to Line of Duty Death – Preparing the Best for the Worst 2hrs

P0010110: Line of Duty Death –  Preparing the Best for the Worst 13hrs

P0010131: Instruction to Survival for caregivers 2hrs

Other Specialized Courses Available upon request - Psychological First Aid, The stresses in Law enforcement etc.

All courses have been approved to be taught in three (3) hour blocks of instruction to ease the scheduling issues within the Law Enforcement Culture.